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Industry challenges

In the lime calcination process a great dust loss takes place through the feed end of the lime kiln. It is not only important to capture this dust due to environmental legislations, but also to return it to the process, and thereby minimize production loss.

Simatek has a range of customizable process filters for dedusting lime and lime reburning kilns using bags up to 10 m. The designs are focused on pre-separation of dust to minimize the burden on the bags, and automatic process regulated operation to minimize the power consumption. The filters are suitable both after air and water cooling.

For secondary dedusting Simatek also has a number of flexible Nuisance filter (NDC) options adaptable to storage and transport equipment.

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Key benefits

Continuous development with focus on gas distribution, bags and controlling, has resulted in a number of advantages:

  • Large pre-separation in hopper results in reduced compressed air consumption
  • Accurate pre-separation in hoppers results in optimal dust distribution for further discharge
  • Reduced dust load on bags increases bags life time
  • Even gas load distribution on bags means higher A/C ratio, leads to fewer bags, reducing OPEX and CAPEX
  • Longer bags lead to smaller footprint
  • Fast dust settlement reduces maintenance costs
  • Minimizing cold bridges reduces risk of corrosion and dust accumulation
  • Advanced controlling system ensures minimum of power and compressed air consumption maximizing bag life time
Where Simatek can contribute to your process
/ FabriClean
For large gas volumes and on-line maintenance with both inlet and outlet dampers. The gas distribution technology ensuring high efficiency and low maintenance.
/ DuoClean
Well-proven design with dual-flow gas approach from the bottom and side of the bags ensuring a low uniform velocity over the bag filtration area.
/ SimControl Advance®
Modern system for parallel or serial com-munication to plant control system. The SCA analyses and adapts to all process conditions.