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Simatek acquires global Fabric Filter business from FLSmidth

Total separator in a modern premix plant

for fast and trouble-free conveyance of various additives

New EU emission legislation

for the food, drink and milk industries - ask us!

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Single bag leak detection

Best Practice

CIP preventing the risk of cross-contamination in bag filters

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Breaking news

Simatek acquires global Fabric Filter business from FLSmidth

Bag filters

Our filters optimise foot­print, performance and maintenance for industrial plants worldwide.

Dust collection and aspiration

Simatek has designed and installed more than 11,500 DCA filters around the world. We engineer our products and solutions to provide maximum performance, while making sure they are also financially the best choice.

Process air filtration

Simatek engineers and manufactures sanitary as well as non-sanitary filters for the process industry including super-sanitary filters hold­ing the 3-A symbol certification and apply to USDA requirements and following the EN1672-2 guidelines. With all our filters you get reduced foot print and low operating cost.

Retrofit solutions

With Simatek retrofit solutions, you can im­prove the performance and extend the lifetime of your filtration systems without investing in completely new systems. This includes re­building and modifying solutions for systems from other OEM’s.

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