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Fabric filter teghnology acquired from FLSmidth Airtech


The DuoClean family contains three modern and efficient fabric filters; the conventional DC, the DC2 with octagonal compartments and the single compartment octagonal DC8. Characteristic for these filters is that the gas is entering the bags both from the side and the bottom. They contain no dampers making them off-line maintenance filters.


Optimized filter shape
The octagonal design of the DC2 and DC8 has helped reducing the weight, and at the same time minimized the footprint of the filters.

Efficient dust pre-separation and gas distribution systems
Dust-laden gas enters the filter inlet duct from the process equipment and flows into the individual compartments containing the filter bags. The gas velocity is lowered significantly in the gas distribution chamber, and furthermore split entering the compartments, and thereby bags, both from the side and bottom. This leads a substantial amount of the dust to drop out directly into the hopper, which reduces the dust burden on the filter bags, resulting in longer filter bag lifetime.

Long filter bag technology and wear minimizing cages
By using filter bags with the highest quality materials available, it has become possible to greatly improve their lifespan. Using star-shaped cage design also contributes to improving bag lifetime by minimising wear. With fewer bag-to-cage contact points in the cage design, the FabriClean saves you money in the long run by reducing flex fatigue. Depending on your choice of fabric, each cage consists of either 10 or 16 evenly spaced vertical wires which are, in turn, attached to horizontal bracing rings placed at appropriate intervals along its length.

Advanced control system
Our SmartPulse Controller® EVO II ensures a smoot operation adjusting pulse duration, interval and pressure automatically which increases the lifetime of your filter and minimizing the usage of compressed air. This control system incorporates a variety of features that help operate the filter at a minimum energy consumption and ensure identification of any malfunctions, so they can be dealt with quickly and effectively. The control system is designed for both serial and parallel interfaces to the plant control system as well as field components (valves, dampers, instruments). Serial communication is often used, as this system is more cost-effective in terms of both material and time.

Special Features
  • Gas volume (DC8): 26.000 – 150.000 m3/h
  • Gas volume (DC2): 165.000 – 1.300.000 m3/h
  • Gas volume (DC): 45.000 – 1.500.000 m3/h
  • Bottom and side entry of gas
  • Big pre-separation effect incorporated
  • Bag length up to 10 metres
  • Possibility of installing outlet dampers
  • Intelligent controlling secures smooth filter operation