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Nuisance dust collectors

Fabric filter technology acquired from FLSmidth Airtech


Mining, crushing, grinding, transportation and storage of raw materials creates fugitive dust which is a big problem in most cement plants and lime calcination lines. Simatek holds a number of NDC filters designed to capture these fugitive dust particles, so they can be recycled.

NDC products and benefits

  • The RC is designed for dedusting of air from coal mill plants (for coal dust with explosive characteristics corresponding to explosion class ST1 – VDI 2263). It is a cylindrical construction with either conical hopper or without hopper as bunker filter. It comes in 9 sizes with filtration area from 6,8 to 165 m²
  • The IN-EH and IN-EV are bunker type filters for direct installation on silos or dust transport equipment. They are equipped with a envelope type bag, suited better for horizontal use. Where the IN-EH is for horizontal installation on e.g. a screw – or drag chain conveyor, the IN-EV is for vertical installation e.g. on a bucket elevator or silo. These filters come in several sizes from 5 to 67 m² filtration area and with built-in fan including motor

  • The CE1 is designed for central dedusting of several points. It is a modular construction with a filtration area from 24 to 252 m² divided on 11 models. It also comes in a bunker filter version (without hopper) for local silo dedusting
  • The CE2 is for dedusting limestone and clay crushing and comes in 7 models with filtration areas between 322-805 m² and with pre-settling chamber and trough hopper.
Special Features
  • Automatic pulse-jet cleaning of bags
  • Including controller with adjustable pulse time
  • Filters with hoppers are including support and necessary access facilities