Single bag leak detection

What is the issue?

If a filter bag breaks down, excessive emissions can occur. The defective bag needs to be found and replaced. This can result in a labor-intensive event, dismantling bag filter pulsing pipes and searching for the broken bag, and can involve unscheduled production shutdown.

What is a Single Bag Leak Detection System and how does it work?

The Single Bag Leak Detection system enables you to detect which bags are defective.  Unique to the Simatek 3C SimPulse system, large volumes of low pressure pulse air cleans one bag at a time during normal operation. The leak detection system uses the pulse positioning detector to identify the specific bag being pulsed. By using the emission probe signal, the Simatek Single Bag Leak detection software identifies the broken bag by listing its identification number.

What benefits does this system offer?

Knowing which filter bags are defective means that their replacement can be scheduled and carried out during a planned shutdown. This results in less downtime with just the specific broken bags being replaced.  

How do you replace a bag in a Simatek 3C SimPulse bag filter?

When the bag filter is turned off, the top cover can be easily removed to allow access to the bag filter top.  The bag filter top is evacuated and available for access, with no confined space. The pulse pipe system is easily manually indexed to give full access to the broken bag. 



The bags come rolled up and individually packed in protective plastic for ease of installation.

    Simatek Scope of Supply

    The new Simatek 3C SimPulse bag filters come with the positioning detector system as standard, and there are two options to choose from:

    • Simatek can provide a functional description (FD) for the Single Bag Leak Detection System to be integrated into the plant control system. An existing plant emission probe can be used to provide the signal to the Single Bag Leak Detection System.                                                                        
    • Simatek can also supply the bag filter control system with an integrated Single Bag Leak Detection System. In this case, emission probe can be included in the initial supply scope or the signal from the plant emission probe can be used.


    All existing Simatek 3C SimPulse bag filters can be retrofitted with Single Bag Leak Detection System.