Specialty powders

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Industry challenges

The speciality powders industry manufactures special inorganic powders used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The challenge the industry faces is ensuring that the product is not exposed to the environment during production and processing. Efficient product recovery and emission control are other important elements. This calls for automatic Cleaning in Place (CIP) of filter bags and all internal surfaces.

  • Meeting specific construction requirements
  • CIP option
  • Short CIP turnaround time
  • Low investment and low operating costs
  • Low emissions
  • Flexible and robust processing
  • Regulatory compliance
Speciality powders categories using Simatek bag filters
  • Enzymes
  • Pharmaceutical intermediate ingredients
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Blood products

Our approach

Our SimPulse bag filters (with or without CIP) are a cost-effective investment for customers. They meet the speciality powders industry’s specific needs while offering a low-cost of ownership. We do this by delivering high process flexibility, meeting different capacity requirements, optimised product recovery and emission control.

Our SimPulse bag filters are equipped with the 3C Pulse Air Distributor (PAD) – a bag pulsing system reducing overall energy consumption by 80% per cent.  Lower DP over the bag filter reduces the energy consumption at the outlet fan by up to 30%.

Our SimPulse 4T bag filter utilizes conventional high-pressure bag pulsing technology and cleans the filter bags in rows. The SimPulse 4T bag filter is available as an alternative to the SimPulse 3C bag filter.

Quality and standards

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