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Industry Challenges

In the industry, dust and fumes from the smelters can be abrasive, chemically aggressive and erosive. Further the industry has to meet stringent regulatory and legal requirements in its production processes.

Simatek’s filtration solutions is developed in keeping with these specific needs.

Our filtration systems are particularly resistant to abrasive materials and are used in elevators, sieves, silos, bins and conveyor systems. They filter the particle released in the ambient air, protecting the equipment from wear and tear and giving them a longer life.

Particulates that are harmful to human health are also filtered while ensuring compliance to the mandated TA air standards.

Metal industry requirements

  • Implementation according to ATEX EN 14491 and VDI 3673 directives
  • Pressure shock resistance:from 0.64 to 2 bar
  • Reduction of harmful dust to correspond to the values ​​of the TA air
  • Efficient filter change without toolsin the pure gas and raw gas area
  • Optimal filtration using different filter variants
  • Manual and automatic setting of cleansing cycles
Metal categories using Simatek filters
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Alumina
Where Simatek can contribute to your process
process flow metal
/ SimPit intake-pit filter
A flexible modular filtration system tailored to suit both existing and newly established intake aspiration pits.
/ SimPact 4T-R
A cost-efficient, robust solution that gives you the benefit of high productivity and savings
/ SimPulse 3CS
High-capacity filter - providing a remarkable enlargement of the capacity of the SimPulse 3C filters. The Pulse Air Distributor driven by servo motors easily handles a gas flow of up to 5 mio. Am³/h, typically required within the lines of combustion and smelting processes