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Industry challenges

Producing and processing organic and inorganic fertilisers requires extensive safety measures – to protect equipment from destructive corrosion due to the chemical properties of such products.

Simatek provides filtration solutions that are specially designed to be used for aggressive and corrosive products such as these. Our solutions can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be designed to be either insulated or heatable as per our customer’s specific needs.

Fertiliser industry requirements

  • Implementation according to ATEX EN 14491 and VDI 3673 directives
  • Capacity: from 3.1 to 435.6 m²
  • Pressure shock resistance: from 0. 64 to 2 bar
  • Reduction of harmful dust to correspond to the values ​​of the TA air
  • Efficient tool-free filter change in the pure gas and raw gas area
  • Temperature-resistant seals
  • Optimal filtration using different filter variants
  • Manual and automatic setting of cleansing cycles
  •  Available with water and oil-repellent surface.
Fertiliser categories using Simatek bag filters
  • Organic and inorganic material
  • Pellets
  • Mineral fertilisers
  • Compost products
Where Simatek can contribute to your process
Flow fertiliser
/ SimSpot spot filter
A miniature bag filter suitable both as a stand-alone solution and as an extension to central aspiration plants.
/ SimPact 4T-R
A cost-efficient, robust solution that gives you the benefit of high productivity and savings
/ SimPulse 3C HTF
Single-bag cleaning technology for high capacity air filtration giving you the benefit of long bag life and energy savings and more full load up-time hours

Our approach

We develop customised solutions keeping in the mind the nature of the products manufactured in the fertiliser industry.

Through our unique technology and specialised expertise, we guarantee optimal process quality, safety, a consistent high-quality product and compliance with regulatory standards.

All our filters that come in contact with the products are made with special material that can handle the chemically aggressive nature of these products. This ensures a longer life both for the manufacturing equipment and the filters.

Our solutions are efficient, environment friendly and offer customers good value for money.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Improved processes and high productivity
  • Assurance of sustained and improved final product quality
  • Improved working conditions
  • Low operating costs through reduced maintenance costs and minimum downtime
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Quick return on investment
Fertiliser cases