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Industry challenges

Whether it is handling whole coffee beans, ground or instant coffee, we have a bag filter solution that improves the operators' working environment and increases the bottom line - All while protecting the environment.

Emission control

Today, there is a firm focus on protecting the environment. Many companies within the food industry are promoting and enforcing the regulation aimed at reducing emissions, according to the EU's COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION 2019/2031 from November 12th, 2019. "In new plants, this means limiting emissions down to 2-5 mg/Nm³ and in existing plants 2-10 mg/Nm³."

Turning powder loss into increased revenue and profits

With a Simatek bag filter, you not only limit emissions to comply with regulatory requirements, you also increase your bottom line and profits through powder recovery. With typical payback periods of less than three years and with at technical and economic lifetime of more than 20 years, a Simatek bag filter will generate significant increased revenue and a better bottom line year after year.

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Powder loss from spray dryers using a conventional cyclone solution is typically in the range of 0.5 to 1.5% of powder production. Our bag filter technology can reduce this to less than 5 mg/Nm³ corresponding to a loss of less than 0.02% of the powder production.

Where Simatek can contribute to your process
Flow Coffee
/ SimSpot spot filter
A miniature bag filter suitable both as a stand-alone solution and as an extension to central aspiration plants.
/ SimPact 4T-R
A cost-efficient solution with a robust construction and reliability which can separate many dust types - fine, abrasive or explosive.
/ SimPact 4T
A cost-efficient, low maintenance solution that gives you the benefit of savings and low emissions.
/ SimPulse 3C
Single-bag cleaning technology for high capacity Process Air filtration that gives you the benefit of long bag life and energy savings.

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Statement from a Spanish coffee powder manufacturer:

"Commissioned in spring 2019, our Simatek bag filter succeeded in ensuring dust levels of less than 10 mg/Nm³ in the exhaust air."