Upgrading of central vacuum cleaning system

Bag filter:




Filter type:

Central vacuum cleaning system

Central vacuum cleaning system


Wood chips

JM 10/15-17 4T-R

Print of case: Upgradering of vacuum clean. system
Filter area, total: 6.6 m²

The challenge

The customer wanted to upgrade their facility to comply with directives and regulations in force. The vacuum cleaning system had to be CE marked.

The solution

The system was replaced and had to be delivered with an indoor explosion relief to avoid using area in a safety zone outside the building. The piping system was replaced and optimized in relation to airflow.

The value

Today the system complies with current regulations according to the ATEX and Machinery Directives. The company and its employees are confident that they now have a state of the art facility, where all components comply with today's standards within explosive atmosphere products. At the same time, they have a complete new future-proof system.