Two separators – pneumatic conveying in a pellet plant

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T-R construction form 17

Pneumatic conveying


Dust from crushed rapeseed straw

2 pcs. JM 14/20-17, 4T-R

Filter area, total: Approx. 25,0 m²

The challenge

Due to the new ATEX legislation the customer needed a new, safe conveyor system with a separator for zone 22 in order to meet the official requirements. It should also be compact and simple.

The solution

As a solution, a total separator of type 17 with funnel, rotary valve and pressure relief was installed. The required vacuum is generated by a fan, which permanently sucks the product from the mill to the total separator via a conveyor line. The discharge takes place via a pressure-shock resistant rotary valve into the production process.

The value

We have built a compact, trouble-free conveyor system for the customer, in accordance with the latest ATEX directive. The system fulfills the specified conveying, runs trouble-free and requires little maintenance.