Milling filter in a pellets production plant

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T-R



Wood shavings and dust

JM 52/30-14 4T-R

Filter area, total: 68.6 m²

The challenge

The plant collects and recycles wood shavings and dust from sawmill and produce wood pellets for the biomass to energy sector.

The filter is a receiving filter in the milling process. This process requires a large air volume, and at the same time the filter must handle a large product load. The plant has to be installed in an existing building with limited space and height. The safety zone around ex-panels shall be as small as possible and the limit for sound emission is max. 71 db(A) to the outdoors.

The solution

The filter has a central and important role in the process of milling the wood shavings before they are pressed into pellets in the pellets press machine. We use filter construction form 14 with very high product load capacity, applying scraper bottom to reduce height. The rotary valve has an equally large capacity to empty the filter. The explosion panels are for indoor application, with small safety zone.

The value

The filter has a pre-separation function, and thus is saving foot print in the existing building, as a cyclone before the filter is not needed. The compact design makes it easy to fit into the building. With its high capacities the filter becomes very reliable, managing to create very low dust emission. Far below permissible value.

The filter has low sound emission, and is therefore easy to silence.