Grain handling plant in Russia

Bag filter:




Filter type:



SimPact 4T-R, SimSpot



Grain dust

2 pcs. JM 90/30-04 4T-R

2 pcs. JM 90/25-04 4T-R

2 pcs. JM 32/15-05 4T-R

  1 pc. JM 21/30-17WB 4T-R, JM 6/14 H
  2 pcs. JM 3/14
Filter area, total: 511.2 m2

In this project, we were chosen to provide filtration solutions for a new grain handling plant in Russia. We worked in close collaboration with our customer who was responsible for building the plant.

The challenge
It was important to select filters that could be integrated with the various stages in the grain handling process – from the steps involved in cleaning to handling grain and handling dust on conveyers and elevators.

Getting accurate and relevant information from the customer was key to delivering the right solutions. It involved understanding the operations of the grain handling plant and what the customer’s needs were. This helped us select the right filters and filtration solutions that would not only be effective but also add value.

The value
We chose the SimPact 4T-R and SimSpot spot filters as they offered our customer smooth operations, high productivity and savings in the form of a low-cost of ownership.