Grain handling facility in Egypt

Bag filter:




Filter type:



SimPact 4T-R, SimSpot, SimPit



Grain dust

1 pc. JM 52/20-04 4T-R

3 pcs. JM 6/24 V

4 pcs. JM 15/14 H

  2 pcs. JM 16/30 2 modules
Filter area, total: 175.14 m²

We were chosen to provide filtration solutions for a grain handling and storage facility at a port in Egypt. The solution had to take into account the elements of truck acceptance, cleaning and a stand-alone plant with a loading station at the facility.

The challenge
In addition to keeping the entire facility dust free, we had to ensure that the grain was free from dust and impurities so that it could be reloaded and used. The filters also had to meet European standards and ATEX directives.

Developing a customised solution, our approach involved designing and adapting the filtration systems for the local climate in Egypt. The filters were fitted with explosion pressure relief devices, filter hoses and electrical elements as per ATEX directives. And the residual dust from the exhaust pipes behind the filter units corresponded to the values ​​of the TA air – a standard for measuring air quality.

We equipped all machines and conveyors where dust was being generated with suitable filtration systems. These systems first vacuumed dust and impurities and then collected them for disposal.

The value
Our solution included a combination of the SimPact 4T-R, the SimSpot spot filter and the SimPit Intake-pit Aspiration filter. Together they helped us meet our customer’s needs while offering a robust solution that gives them the benefit of high productivity and savings.