Dust aspiration for bio-fuelled plant

Bag filter:




Filter type:



SimPact 4T-R, Simpit, SimSpot, Central vacuum clean. system



Wood dust, wood chips

3 pcs. JM 124/30-12 4T3

2 pcs. JM 17/15-03 4T-R

1 pc. JM 17/15-17 4T-R

  1 pc. JM 24/30 5 modules
  5 pcs. JM 6/24 H
Filter area, total: 504.87 m²

A customer in the recycling industry that deals with wood dust and wood chips asked us to provide an aspiration solution for their bio-fuelled district heating utility plant.

The challenge

The customer’s plant runs on wood dust, wood chips and combustible material recycled from a nearby recycling facility that collects raw materials from local households. This means that the amount of dust and the type of dust at the customer’s plant varies considerably.

Due to the organic, carbonaceous nature of the material at the plant, we needed to take the ATEX Directive (which covers equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres) into consideration.

We chose a solution that delivers uninterrupted operation of processing, handling and storing of bio-fuel for the customer’s plant while ensuring compliance with the ATEX Directive and local health and safety regulations.

The value

The aspiration system is a flexible and comprehensive solution that collects dust from a wide range of collection points. This includes the installation of round filters that are directly fitted to a high-capacity cup elevator.

To ensure compliance with the ATEX Directive, the combustibility parameters of the dust were based on a worst-case scenario to cater for all contingencies.