Aspiration from dispensers, conveyors and mixers

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T



Mineral dust

JM 124/45-05 4T3

Filter area, total: 245.51 m²

In this project, we worked with a customer in the chemical industry that wanted to install a system to aspirate dust-laden air in their building.

The challenge

Mixed materials in the filter are susceptible to an increase in temperature. Our focus was to avoid condensation inside the filter, which can lead to a build-up up of material and create blockages. In addition, our task was to maintain emissions from the filter up to a maximum of 5 mg/Nm³ and to maintain optimal aspiration in the system.

The solution

We selected an insulated filter to avoid ambient temperature from influencing the temperature inside the filter. At the same time, we used bags with a particular fibre profile (concentrated number of fibres and slimmer structure), and we specified an air-to-cloth ratio (ACR) to fit these bags to maintain emissions at a maximum of 5 mg/Nm³.

The value

Our solution avoids extracting more dust than absolutely necessary to ensure the system maintained optimal efficiency. We kept the speed of aspiration in the piping at a sufficient level to prevent dust from settling in the pipes. The A/C ratio of the filter bags ensures a long lifetime of the bags.