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SimPulse 3CS

The SimPulse 3CS represents the next generation of baghouse pulse-jet filters. It uses a unique and leading bag filter low pulse pressure based on high pulse volume and energy,

Advanced Filter Technology for Boilers - Incinerators - Smelters

It has a modular compact design for high-capacity filtration.  Its cylindrical design makes it possible to base large systems on parallel cylindrical modules.

Controlled, efficient and safe cleaning

The patented Pulse Air Distributor (PAD) used in the SimPulse 3C is remarkably different from the technology used in conventional pulse-jet filters. It ensures that all the bags are cleaned one-by-one with equal, optimal energy. A PLC control makes it possible to optimise pulse time and cleaning energy per bag.

The low pressure (0.6-1.2 bar), high volume cleaning pulse makes it possible to achieve up to five times more pulse energy compared to other pulse-jet filters. This makes it safe to clean filter bags of up to 16 metres (52 ft) length.

Flat Bottom Design (Option)

For flue gas cleaning projects the SimPulse 3C filter is delivered with a flat scraper bottom with continuous discharge by a slowly rotating scraper. The flat bottom design reduces height requirements and lowers temperature gradients in the filter, thus minimizing the risk of corrosion. The risk of fire is also drastically reduced. It is proven experience that most fires start in filter hoppers. For any type of product which is likely to build up in the cone outlet, the scraper bottom is the proper solution.




  • The high energy and low pressure jet pulse air combination is transferred into gentle cleaning and long bag life.
  • Minimum temperature gradients in the filter chamber mean a reduced risk of condensation and corrosion. This means a longer life for the filter


  • Up to 30 % energy savings on exhaust fan compared to conventional pulse-jet filters
  • The mechanical, PLC-controlled pulse-jet system ensures controlled, reliable, and efficient cleaning of filter bags. 
  • Up to 80 % less energy consumption for generation of low pressure air for bag cleaning compared to conventional pulse-jet filters
  • More production up-time


  • The cylindrical design gives the possibility of basing large systems on parallel cylindrical modules.
  • The single-bag cleaning technology means long cleaning intervals. 
  • Warm pulse-jet and heating jacket eliminates risk for condensation
  • Efficient bag CIP from inside and outside to prevent product cross contamination.
Special Features
  • Capacity: up to 210.000 Am³/h (123,000 ACFM) per module
  • Cleaning pressure: 0.6-1.2 bar
  • Air single-bag cleaning of filter bags
  • Uniform jet pulse cleaning of bags up to 16 meters
  • PLC-controlled pulse-jet system
  • Possibility of single bag leak detection
  • Minimum temperature gradients in the filter chamber
  • Up to five times higher pulse energy compared to conventional pulse-jet bag filters
  • Co-current downflow operation (For submicron operation)
  • Gravimetric gas stream along the filter bags carries the dust particles towards the hopper
  • Combined Pulse Jet and Reverse Air Technology
  • Low pressure drop across the filter bags