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SimPact 4T-R HTF

The SimPact 4T-R filter has a compact, cylindrical design and an efficient pulse-jet cleaning system. The filter housing and inlet zone are strategically placed in the various construction forms. This ensures a smooth flow of both coarse and fine particles into the filter.



  • The pulse jet system automatically cleans the bags row-by-row even as the dust is being filtered. The advantage is that the filter continues to work for you while the bags are being cleaned.


  • Being a low maintenance solution, the SimPact 4T-R needs minimum downtime. This means continuous plant operations for you.
  • The filter control system helps maintain a low pressure drop – helping you save both compressed air and energy.


  • You can separate almost any kind of dust ­– fine, abrasive or explosive.
  • The flexibility in bag removal allows you to easily service the bags.
Special Features
  • Capacity:  500 – 130.000 m³/h
  • Filter size: 3,1 – 435,6 m² filter surface
  • Standard 5% vacuum
  • Pressure shock resistance: Up to 2,0 bar
  • Up to 250° C continuous operation
  • Works on both dry and sticky products
  • Bag removal: via both clean and dirty air sides
  • Complying with the ATEX directive
  • Indoor installation with explosion vent following European standard EN14491 or the German guidelines VDI 3673