Bag filters

Process air:

SimPulse 3CS

High-capacity filter - providing a remarkable enlargement of the capacity of the SimPulse 3C filters. The Pulse Air Distributor driven by servo motors easily handles a gas flow of up to 5 mio. Am³/h, typically required within the lines of combustion and smelting processes


Has been developed for large gas volumes and for on-line maintenance with both inlet- and outlet dampers. It contains the latest gas distribution technology ensuring high efficiency and low maintenance


Comprises the DC, DC2, and DC8 filters representing a well-proven design with a technology characterised by dual-flow gas approach from the bottom and the side of the bags ensuring a low uniform velocity over the entire bag filtration area enabling long bag technology

SimPulse 3C

Single-bag cleaning technology for high capacity Process Air filtration that gives you the benefit of long bag life and energy savings.


For processes with high dust loads the UniClean filter is the ideal choice. With gas entering from the bottom, it secures a large pre-separation of dust. The UniClean is a smaller filter not divided into compartments

SimPulse 3CX

3A certified single-bag cleaning technology for high capacity filtration that gives you the benefit of long bag life and energy savings.

SimPact 4T

A cost-efficient, low maintenance solution that gives you the benefit of savings and low emissions.
Dust collection:

Nuisance dust collectors

Comprises the RC, IN, IN-EH and IH-EV, CE1 and CE2 all compact and flexible filters for centralized or local dedusting of silos, dust transports, limestone and clay crushing, coal mill plants, cement mills and cement separators
Filter controller:
smart-pulse controller

Smartpulse Controller® EVO II

A modern and proven control system for parallel or serial communication to plant control system. The SMARTPULSE CONTROLLER® EVO II continuously analyses and adapts to the actual process conditions of the plant


Running a pulse jet system correctly is very often the key to efficient and cost-effective baghouse operations. Both over-cleaning and under-cleaning your bags will cause problems