Waste sorting facility in Germany

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T-R

Dust aspiration


Mechanical and biological waste

JM 124/35-04 4T3

Filter area, total: 190.9 m2

We were asked to provide filtration solutions for a customer that worked with sorting different types of waste.

The challenge
A huge quantity of air was being used in the waste sorting process. After sorting, this air contained dust and particulates from different materials and had high water content. It needed to be cleaned thoroughly and made free from dust, particulates and odour before it could be released outside. The filter also had to meet ATEX directives.

We selected the SimPact 4T ­– in size JM 124 and with a 04 inlet. We chose filter bags that could cope both with the type of dust and particulates as well as with the humidity levels in the waste sorting facility. The SimPact 4T also offered flexibility in bag removal as the filter bags could be changed easily from the clean side i.e. from the top.

The value
Being a low-maintenance solution, the SimPact 4T gives our customer the benefits of continuous plant operations and savings, in addition to low emissions.