Rubber tyre recycling plant in Germany

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T-R

Dust aspiration


Rubber tyre

5 pcs. JM 198/50-04 4T3

Filter area, total: 2,177.9 m²

Our customer was setting up a recycling plant and we were brought in to provide filtration solutions for a rubber separation facility.

The challenge
The job involved separating rubber from steel mesh and cotton fibres. We looked at the material that was hardest to filter. In this case, it was cotton fibres –  as they let air pass through and therefore are hard to get out of the filter bags.

To solve the challenge of filtering the cotton fibres, we developed a customised solution where the filter bags were placed in a special layout.

The value
We chose the SimPact 4T as it not only provided the most effective filtering option for the rubber tyre recycling plant, but also gave the benefit of low emissions.