Mineral dust in Denmark

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T-R



Mineral dust

JMR 70/20-12 4T2-R

Filter area, total: 300 m²

A customer in the chemical industry asked us to supply a filter for their receiver filter that deals with mineral dust during the milling process.

The challenge

Our task involved selecting a filter that could handle large volumes of powder. The customer also needed filter bags with a membrane to keep emissions from the filter to a minimum. However, mineral dust is very abrasive and can create wear and tear on membrane bags.

The solution

We supplied a filter with construction form 12 that could handle high air volume and high capacity in dust load (up to 1,000g/m3), with an inner chamber to protect the membrane bags from damage from mineral dust.

The value

The air-to-cloth ratio (ACR) is sufficiently low so it allows the unit to deal with membrane bags as well as the large dust load. The system slows the velocity, creating a quiet environment in the inlet chamber where dust enters the filter.

The filter is fitted with a 4T2 top section with hinged cover so the customer can change filter bags easily.