Filtration solution in Germany

Bag filter:




Filter type:


SimPact 4T-R



Grain dust

2 pcs. JM 41/30-04 4T-R

JM 52/40-04 4T-R

Filter area, total: 199.76 m²

In this project, we collaborated with a customer who was responsible for building an extension to an existing plant located near the Rhein river in Germany.

The challenge
The customer was looking to build an extension that complemented and was well integrated with the rest of the plant.

Focusing on the machines in the extension that would need an aspiration system, we determined what the right solution would be.

We selected the filters based on the task and type of machines they had to service, the conditions on site and the customer’s needs. We chose three variants from the SimPact 4T-R bag filter range.

The value
Being a low maintenance solution, the SimPact 4T-R needs minimum downtime. This means continuous operations for the customer, ensuring that the extension works well with the rest of the plant.