Fertiliser plant in Russia

Bag filter:




Filter type:





26 pcs. JMR 15/19 H

Filter area, total: 145.6 m²

We were chosen to provide filtration solutions for a fertiliser plant in Russia. The solution had to take into account the steps involved in handling the product – from unloading from the ship to final storage.

The challenge
Our task involved selecting filters that could handle the aggressive dust coming from the fertilisers via conveyers.

It was important to select filters that would not only work with the aggressive nature of the product, but would also be able to handle the heavy load and the low temperatures on site.

The filters were made of stainless steel so they could withstand the strong fertilisers and cope with the conditions on site.

The value
Our special design was 26 "twin" SimSpot spot filters, i.e. 13 spot filters built together 2 by 2. Together they helped us meet our customer’s needs while offering a robust solution that gave them the benefit of high productivity and savings.