Energy project – surplus heat for district heating

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T-R

Drying plant



JM 146/80-05 4T1-R, JM 198/80-05 4T1-R

Filter area, total: 1,210.8 

In this project, we collaborated with a customer in the minerals industry who wanted to replace their obsolete and leaking module filter for their drying plant. 

The added bonus of this innovative solution means that the customer can supply heat to their local district.

The challenge

The customer’s old module filter was experiencing pressure loss, which led to unnecessary increased electricity consumption. To reduce costs, the customer needed an energy-optimised cleaning system.

We designed a solution using two 4T-R filters in construction form 05 – a cyclone filter with new filter technology and an energy-optimised cleaning system.

The value

The new filters reduce the amount of ‘false air’ entering the system. This has increased the temperature of the recycled air, which means the customer’s surplus heat can contribute to their local district’s heating system.

The new filter technology minimises pressure loss through the filter. Combined with the reduced ‘false air’, the electricity consumption needed to power the fans has also decreased.

By using a cyclone filter, some of the particles are separated by the cyclone function in the filter housing. This puts less pressure on the filter bags and has resulted in reduced electricity consumption for the compressor.

We supplied an energy-optimised cleaning system with the filters, making it possible to clean bags up to 8m long with compressed air.