A cost effective, robust filter solution in Germany

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T-R



Grain dust

JM 41/20-04 4T-R

Filter area, total: 36.1 

The challenge

We had to make sure the machines were aspirated so that a) the product was cleaned for dust and b) the environment was not polluted with dust. As the area was subject to zone 22 and the dust was explosive, the filter should be ATEX approved.

Together with the customer, we located the areas with the highest dust formation, examined them and decided how to remove the dust. The focus area was on the cleaner, the chain conveyor and the elevator.

Since the soothing product (dust) could not be recycled, the filter should be of structural steel.

The solution

The chosen solution was a SimPact 4T-R filter with cone, pressure-schock resistance and outdoor explosion relief for installation in ATEX zone 22. The machines were connected to the filter by a piping system. The dust should be discharged by a pressure-schock resistant rotary valve into a dust bin.

The value

We delivered a customer specified SimPact 4T-R filter, based on the customer's special requirements and the complexity of the production process. A cost-effective, robust solution that gave our customer high productivity, product cleanliness and cost savings.

Statement from the customer

"The supplied filter works perfectly and the requirements are fulfilled".