Cinnamon powder in Germany

Bag filter:




Filter type:



SimPact 4T-R

Dust aspiration



2 pcs. JM 14/15-12 4T-R

JMR 41/35-04 4T

JMR 21/25-12 4T-R

Filter area, total: 104.72 m2

In this project, we collaborated with a customer that was setting up a new cinnamon powder manufacturing plant that met the latest standards.  The production line included machines involved in crushing, grinding, conveying and cooling.

The challenge
We had to ensure that these machines worked in dust-free surroundings so that they could produce a high-quality clean product. The filters also had to meet food and ATEX directives (relief / zone 22).

Working with the customer, we identified the places that generated maximum dust and explored the best way to eliminate it. The focus was on the crushing, grinding and cooling machines. Our plan involved determining which filters were to be made of mild steel and which filters were to be made of stainless steel.

Keeping in mind the high amount of dust being generated, the crusher and grinder were equipped with a total separator. The filter used on the crusher was made from mild steel. And as the dust composition could be highly inflammable, the filters were equipped with pressure relief (using a bursting disc) and were designed to be installed in ATEX zone 22.

We used an ordinary filter to take out the exhaust from the radiator so that the exhaust air in the open corresponded to the values ​​of the TA air. This was also done using total separators. Keeping in mind the high humidity levels, the filter on the radiator was made of stainless steel and designed to be installed in ATEX zone 22.

The value
We customised a special filtration system using the SimPact 4T-R. It took into account the complexities of the production process while meeting specific customer requirements. As a cost-efficient, robust solution it offered our customer the benefit of high productivity and savings.