Aspiration for product transition point on belt conveyor

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T-R



Wood dust from wood pellets

JM 41/20-05 4T-R

Print of case: Aspiration filter for the biomass industry
Filter area, total: 36.1 m²

The challenge

The filter serves a product transition point on the belt conveyor. The transition point has 4 suction points. The collected dust must be returned to the conveyor. The conveyor is covered and placed outdoor in the coastal area of ​​Denmark. This gives high humidity in the surrounding air during the cold months of the year. The plant must comply with the regulations of the ATEX and Machine Directive. The components must be serviced from service platforms or from the ground.

The solution

A filter with scraper bottom, which ensures that dust does not build up inside the filter. A screw conveyor returns the dust to the belt conveyor. ATEX components according to directives in force and location of safety zone from the ex-panel above the traffic area. Large service platform at the appropriate working height providing service access to all equipment.

The value

Well-functioning filter with long lifetime on the filter bags. The optimum location of filter makes service and inspection very easy for the workforce's employees. ATEX components according to directives in force and CE marking according to the Machinery Directive.