Aspiration in a fish processing plant

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T-R

Cooling system


Fish meal

2 pcs. JMR 21/25-03WB 4T-R

Filter area, total: 46.2 m²

A customer in the fish processing industry asked us to provide a system that filters chilled air from an upstream fishmeal cooler.

The challenge

The filter needs to handle cooled air at a temperature of approximately 60°, while the dust in the atmosphere is sticky and damp. In addition, the process (including the product) needs to run continuously.

We designed a solution using the SimPact 4T-R filter in construction form 03. A filter design with low upstream velocity between the bags that keeps the product moving.

The value

The filter is built on the fishmeal cooler itself to catch the particles that would otherwise leave the process with the chilled air. This avoids loss of product.

The filter is fitted with an automatic, timer-controlled cleaning system to eliminate the risk of the filter bags getting blocked, minimising costly downtime.

The filter bags are specially adapted for this process; they are made from material that can handle damp, sticky dust.