Aspiration of conveyor system in Sweden

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T-R




JM 41/30-05 4T2-R

Filter area, total: 54.12 m²

In this project, we collaborated with a customer in the food industry who needed an aspiration filter for their conveyor system.

The challenge

Our task was to supply a filter that could handle sugar dust and the complexities this product can create. Sugar dust is an organic, carbonaceous material and is potentially explosive. Therefore we needed to take the ATEX Directive into consideration. This directive covers equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The solution

We selected a filter for aspiration with a scraper bottom to allow the customer to scrape out the powder. In addition, the filter is equipped with an explosion panel that meets regulatory compliance as well as a 4T2 top with a hinged cover.

The value

The scraper bottom is designed to ensure that the sugar does not form a bridge inside the filter. The hinged cover means that the customer can change filter bags easily.