Aspiration and central vacuum cleaning of gypsum

Bag filter:




Filter type:

SimPact 4T-R/Central Vacuum Clean.system

Aspiration and central vacuum cleaning



JM 124/40-04 4T1, JM 14/20-17 4T-R

Filter area, total: 230.55 m²

In this project, we collaborated with a customer in the mineral industry. The company needed an aspiration system for their production unit and a central vacuum cleaning system for equipment and floors.

The challenge

The nature of Gypsum powder is a very heavy density and it has a tendency to build “a bridge” inside the cone of the filter system. For the vacuum cleaning system, it is essential that the vacuum’s suction is powerful enough to carry the weight of the product.

The solution

We designed an aspiration filter with a suitable air-to-cloth ratio (ACR), and we added a flow aid in the cone to overcome bridging.

The value

The flow aid in the cone prevents product build-up, and the flap valve under the filter empties at frequent intervals. Both solutions ensure that the product keeps flowing, which minimises costly downtime.