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Fabric filter technology acquired from FLSmidth Airtech


The UniClean is a simple filter designed for processes with high dust load and where on-line maintenance is not required. It has bags length up to normally 4,5 m.


With no dampers and simplified dust transport system, the UniClean is easy to maintain.

Unique pre-separation
Gas is entering the compartments from the bottom hoppers, dropping a significant amount of dust before entering an up flow into the bag zone.

Advanced control system
Our SimControl Advance® ensures a smoot operation adjusting pulse duration, interval and pressure automatically which increases the lifetime of your filter and minimizing the usage of compressed air. This control system incorporates a variety of features that help operate the filter at a minimum energy consumption and ensure identification of any malfunctions, so they can be dealt with quickly and effectively. The control system is designed for both serial and parallel interfaces to the plant control system as well as field components (valves, dampers, instruments). Serial communication is often used, as this system is more cost-effective in terms of both material and time.

Special Features
  • Gas volume (UC): 20.000 – 850.000 m³/h
  • Big dust pre-separation effect
  • Built-in dust transport system typically to one or two droppoints.
  • Possibility of installing outlet dampers (sealing of a part of the filter)
  • Optional as ATEX approved coalmill filter