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SimPulse 3CS

The SimPulse 3CS represents the next generation of baghouse pulse-jet filters. It uses a unique and leading bag filter low pulse pressure based on high pulse volume and energy.

Advanced Filter Technology for Boilers - Incinerators - Smelters.

It has a modular compact design for high-capacity filtration.  Its cylindrical design makes it possible to base large systems on parallel cylindrical modules.

The SimPulse 3CS - high-capacity filters provides a remarkable enlargement of the capacity of the well-reputed line of SimPulse 3C filters. The SimPulse 3CS is a high-capacity filter representing a filter technology based on the state of the art, all functions of which are driven by servo motors. The SimPulse 3CS Pulse Air Distributor (PAD) easily handles a gas flow of up to 5 mio. Am³/h, typically required within the lines of boilers, incinerators and smelters.

The SimPulse 3CS is the NEXT GENERATION of high-capacity Pulse-Jet Filters suitable for almost any type of Gas Cleaning application (up to 250°C continuously).



  • Pulse-Jet System based on LOW PRESSURE – HIGH ENERGY.
  • Long-Bag Technology – uniform cleaning of filter bags of 16 metres length.
  • Simultaneous Jet-Pulsing of only two filter bags.
  • Compact Design – limited footprint.
  • Low energy consumption.


  • Up to 30 % energy savings on exhaust fan compared to conventional pulse-jet filters.
  • The mechanical, PLC-controlled pulse-jet system ensures controlled, reliable, and efficient cleaning of filter bags.
  • Up to 80 % less energy consumption for generation of low pressure air for bag cleaning compared to conventional pulse-jet filters.
  • More production up-time due to stable low pressure-drop over the bag filter.


  • The cylindrical design gives the possibility of placing units together to make one of  large system.
  • Uniform Bag Cleaning - The servo-driven Pulse Positioning Unit (PPU) ensures that all filter bags are cleaned uniformly with the exact same, optimum cleaning-pulse energy.
  • Flat Bottom Design possible - The filter modules are typically designed with a flat scraper bottom to ensure an efficient discharge, even of sticky waste product.
  • Intelligent Cleaning Pulse - The SimPulse 3CS automatically adjusts the cleaning pressure and the cleaning-pulse energy. ensures the optimum pulsing profile.
Special Features
  • Capacity: up to 210.000 Am³/h (123,000 ACFM) per module
  • Cleaning pressure: 0.6-1.2 bar
  • Air single-bag cleaning of filter bags
  • Uniform jet pulse cleaning of bags up to 16 meters
  • PLC-controlled pulse-jet system
  • Possibility of single bag leak detection
  • Minimum temperature gradients in the filter chamber
  • Up to five times higher pulse energy compared to conventional pulse-jet bag filters
  • Co-current downflow operation (For submicron operation)
  • Gravimetric gas stream along the filter bags carries the dust particles towards the hopper
  • Combined Pulse Jet and Reverse Air Technology
  • Low pressure drop across the filter bags