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SimPact 4T-R

The SimPact 4T-R filter has a compact, cylindrical design and an efficient pulse-jet cleaning system. The filter housing and inlet zone are strategically placed in the various construction forms. This ensures a smooth flow of both coarse and fine particles into the filter.

What distinguishes the SimPact 4T-R from other similar products is its ability to combine the filter units with any of the six inlets. The different inlet types make it possible to select the right filter for the job, with the dust loads going from less than 5 g/m3 to almost unlimited dust content. 

The filters are also equipped with dust explosion vents for explosive dust. All of this makes the Simpact 4T-R suitable for any kind of dust separation.

 The SimPact 4T-R comes with a standard filter control unit that is fitted with a mechanical pressure gauge. This indicates the pressure drop across bags during cleaning. The optional extended control unit has a differential pressure transducer that helps you adapt the cleaning frequency to the actual pressure drop. This keeps the pressure drop constantly low – leading to savings in both compressed air and energy.



  • The pulse-jet system automatically cleans the bags row-by-row even as the dust is being filtered. The advantage is that the filter continues to work for you while the bags are being cleaned.


  • Being a low maintenance solution, the SimPact 4T-R needs minimum downtime. This means continuous plant operations for you.
  • The filter control system helps maintain a low pressure drop – helping you save both compressed air and energy.


  • You can separate almost any kind of dust ­– fine, abrasive or explosive.
  • The flexibility in bag removal allows you to easily service the bags.
Special Features
  • Capacity:  500 – 130.000 m³/h
  • Filter size: 3,1 – 435,6 m² filter surface
  • Standard 5% vacuum
  • Pressure shock resistance: Up to 2.0 bar
  • Works on both dry and sticky products
  • Bag removal: via both clean and dirty air sides
  • Manufactured according to the ATEX directive
  • Indoor installation with explosion vent following European standards EN14491 or VDI 3673