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SimPact 4T

SimPact 4T bag filter series in stainless steel sanitary design execution has a compact and sturdy cylindrical design with efficient down flow filtration, which ensures even the tiniest particles to be collected for effective product recovery and emission control.

In the SimPact 4T bag filter the filter bags are arranged and cleaned in rows. One or two compressed air receivers are applied, depending on the product and capacity in the application. The inlet is of a scroll cyclonic type; other inlet options are available depending on the type of product. The SimPact 4T bag cleaning system is a medium-pressure cleaning with high energy. The top section is equipped with a simple hinged top cover. When opened, servicing of cages and bags can easily be performed. The top section is with radial outlet and the top section contains the tube sheet as the dividing plate between the dust-/ clean air chamber. Inspection doors are placed where required; top section, below filter bags and above Fluid Bottom, if required. SimPact 4T comes with an electronic filter control unit type TFC including adjustable control, integrated after-cleaning relay and connection boxes on the compressed air receiver.

SimPact 4T is available with integrated CIP cleaning of the outside of the filter bags, filter chamber and clean-air chamber. The SimPact 4T can be supplied with Fluid Bottom with CIP as an option.

SimPact 4T is available with insulation with cladding, including heat tracing if required or with heating jacket.



  • The pulse-jet system automatically cleans the bags on-line row-by-row even as the product is being filtered.


  • Being a low maintenance solution, the SimPact 4T needs minimum downtime, resulting in high up-time
  • The filter control system helps maintain a low pressure-drop – saving both compressed air and energy.


  • Continuous filtration of high valuable products
  • Robust
Special Features
  • Capacity:  up to 85.000 m³/h at A/C of 2
  • Filter size: up to 710 m² filter surface area
  • Typical vacuum resistance 5.000 Pa
  • Pressure shock resistance: Up to 2.0 bar
  • Compliance to applicable regulatory requirements