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Pneumatic Conveying

A pneumatic conveying system transfers products like grains, powders and other dry material through a duct. This is done using either a vacuum system or a differential pressure system depending on the product dimensions, the distance and the pressure needed to move them.

At Simatek, we offer two distinct types of pneumatic conveying systems:

Vacuum conveying
Vacuum conveying is an efficient conveying method. It is used if the system has a moderate duct length – which translates into differential pressure below 0,5 bar, one or more intake points and a single discharge point.

The Simatek vacuum conveying system automatically ensures a dust-free duct intake while making it possible to use the transport air for aspiration at the intake points.

Pressure conveying
We recommend using the Simatek Pressure Conveying System if the distance is too long for vacuum conveying.  This means that your system has a long duct length – which translates into a differential pressure more than 0.5 bars, a single intake point and several discharge points. 

Pressure conveying is an efficient conveying method if proper steps are taken to remove any dust at the intake.



  • A clean working environment with reduced noise and vibration means that your employees can work efficiently in a friendly environment by utilizing a pneumatic conveying system.


  • Unlike conveyers and elevators, the small duct systems allow you to move high product quantities quickly and/or between different levels.
Special Features
  • Vacuum conveying: Differential Pressure: up to 0,5 bar
  • Vacuum conveying: Moderate duct length
  • Vacuum conveying: One or more intake points
  • Vacuum conveying: Single discharge point
  • Vacuum conveying: Dust-free product intake
  • Pressure conveying: Differential Pressure: more than 0,5 bars
  • Pressure conveying: Long duct length
  • Pressure conveying: Single intake point
  • Pressure conveying: Several discharge points

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