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Baghouse Controllers – Key to Increasing Dust Collection Efficiency


A simple upgrade to a new clean-on-demand dust collector controller from an older, less-efficient baghouse timer board usually results in more cost savings than larger investments such as new bags or system modification

Our dust collector control boards work as both traditional timer boards or as clean-on-demand controllers. Additionally, boards come with integrated pressure sensors that can be used to trigger cleaning cycles based on differential pressure for improved cleaning efficiency, longer filter life, and reduced emissions. Even with so many additional features, our controls are comparable in price to a standard Photohelic and timer board installation.

For further information about our controllers please contact or tel. +45 5884 1596.

Special Features
  • Manual selection of output number / solenoid valve
  • Adjustable activation time per each output from 0.05 to 5 sec. (combine with adjustments to cleaning PSI to improve bag cleaning efficiency)
  • Adjustable interval time between two activations from 1 to 999 sec. (delay between pulses; allows air pressure to build in air header before firing)
  • Short circuit output protection
  • Manual activation of each single output
  • Digital differential pressure control
  • Differential pressure reading by internal transducer (max 10kPa)
  • Maximum dP alarm with alarmed contact open and automatic reset
  • Zero dP reading adjustment
  • 10kPa dP reading full range
  • Additional post-cleaning cycle after fan stop
  • Cleaning cycle ON/OFF by volt free external contact
  • Max 25W load power per each output
  • Input and output selection by JP1, JP2 and JP3 jumpers on the board
  • IP65 rated plastic enclosure
  • 2 year warranty


Add-on Options

  • 4-20mA relay for remote monitoring/control of the dP settings from a PLC
  • G-2 Models-Pulse two valves per contact, doubling capacity of controller
  • Metal enclosure (dust proof, explosion proof, water proof, etc.)