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Central Vacuum Cleaning System

Simatek central vacuum cleaning system ensures a well dimensioned aspiration system that performs efficiently.

It helps create a safe, clean working environment with optimal work conditions.

We provide different types of ducts – mild steel or stainless steel – that are assembled with easy-to-detach pipes.



  • A clean working environment with reduced noise and vibration means that your employees can work efficiently and without distractions.


  • For plants operating with explosive dust, the Simatek central vacuum cleaning system’s quick and efficient cleaning ensures that you have a safe working environment.


  • Dusty and unsafe work environments can make your staff ill. With our central vacuum cleaning system, you can ensure a clean and safe working environment for them and avoid losses due to a high number of sick days.
Special Features
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick and efficient cleaning
  • Adaptable to different dust types
  • Sufficient suction capacity to handle bulk dust loads
  • No recirculation of air
  • Low emissions
  • TUV approved following German standard VDI2263
  • Designed and manufactured according to the ATEX standard
  • High level of documentation