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Central Aspiration System

An efficient aspiration system plays an important role when handling dusty bulk loads. The smart solution will prevent dusty from escaping into the surroundings through leaks – by establishing and maintaining the required differential pressure within the system.

Simatek’s extensive experience and expertise make it possible to create a unique system that meets the required specifications. This is critical to obtain safe and optimal work conditions and hereby a good environment; an incorrectly system may expose the environment and airways to fine dust particles that may harm the health.

This dust that gets deposited in the plant equipment can also negatively affect the allover machinery efficiency due to higher maintenance expenses. For plants working with potentially explosive dust, Simatek’s Central Aspiration System can help make an improved e.g. ATEX zone classification.



  • A clean working environment means that the machinery is protected, offering the benefit of reduced maintenance costs and an optimized lifetime.


  • For plants operating with explosive dust, Simatek’s Central Aspiration System ensures a safe working environment.


  • The working environment is significant improved to obtain a safe health for the staff.  With Simatek’s Central Aspiration System, a clean and safe working environment can be ensured and hereby reducing the negative effect dust may have on the general health.
Special Features
  • Excellent capacity in handling bulk dust loads
  • Removes dust from the environment
  • No recirculation of air
  • Low dust emission reduces the potential of dust explosion